The Technology Transfer Center - TTC is a centralized web-based platform for technological exchange of information. This platform will serve as a means for exchanging information between all member associations within IFIA, why the international perspective is vital.

The primary goal of the TTC is to provide channels for inventors to quickly and easily reach out with their

inventions/ideas and more efficiently find manufacturers, funding and markets, both regionally and internationally. A coordinator for each member country will be locally responsible for finding the appropriate contacts when an inventors request is received from the TTC central board. Since the TTC will manage large amounts of information, it is of great importance that the system relies on both simplicity and logic structure.

Within the platform information must be easily identified, edited, added and removed. This will be achieved through advanced search functions, classification of information in different categories, and the use of keywords/tags. The TTC is located at the Stockholm Innovators Association (STIK) office in Stockholm Sweden.

The TTC office in Stockholm today has a staff of six.

through the worldwide networks
of IFIA member states
The TTC office staff, Stockholm, Sweden:
Lennart Nilsson; Head of the office
Cenneth Lindkvist; Coordinator to IFIA ExCo
Thomas Björshammar; Head of business research
Ingrid Decoster; Swedish network coordinator
Michail Gougel; Office administrator/ Russian contact
Wilma Mori Aguilar; Latin American contact
Special Support: Anita Ekström, Legal counselor, Karin Nilsson Economy administrator
in financing, manufacturing or
business partnership
increased possibilities through
extended international coverage
legal IPR support and negotiation assistance


Address:   TTC, Enspannarvagen 1
                     SE-131 52, Nacka Strand, SWEDEN
Phone:      + 46 8 694 76 60


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