On June 13th 2013, Mr Lennart Nilsson made a proposal to SUF – the Swedish Inventors Association to engage in an international technology transfer service to be offered and implemented by IFIA for the benefit of its member organizations. The proposal also suggested that SUF and STIK would offer to produce and administer the service for IFIA. The board of SUF acknowledged and decided in accordance with the proposal.

On November 20th 2014, IFIA held its General Assembly in KunShan in China. The agenda included the project of TTC - The Technology Tranfer Center project which was duly presented and adopted by the IFIA general assembly.

On March 5th 2015, president Mr Alireza Rastegar visited STIK in Sweden to discuss the forms for implemantation of the Technology Transfer Center in Stockholm, at STIKs offices. Mr Rastegar presented Mr Lennart Nilsson the IFIA Certificate, authorizing STIK, on assignment from the Swedish Inventors Association, to host and administer IFIA’s Technology Transfer Center.


On March 17th, president Mr Alireza Rastegar announced a TTC Opening report on the IFIA web page:
"A new platform titled Technology Transfer Center (TTC) was opened by IFIA President, Mr. Rastegar in March after its activities were approved in china IFIA General Assembly meeting in November 2014. The primary goal of the TTC is to provide channels for inventors to quickly and easily reach out with their inventions/ideas and more efficiently find manufacturers and funding, both regionally and internationally. In addition to the contract to administer the TTC, STIK has also proposed training and advisory courses for IFIA inventors’ associations of member states which were confirmed during Mr. Rastegar’s two-day visit."

On April 16th 2015, Mr Lennart Nilsson and Mr Örjan Strandberg (substitute for Mr Cenneth Lindkvist) participated at the IFIA ExCo. The agenda included the topic of TTC, which was presented. The meeting confirmed the previous decision taken by the GA, to establish the TTC in Stockholm.

On November 30th 2015, Mr Cenneth Lindkvist attended both the IFIA General Assembly and the IFIA ExCo, where the progress of the establishment of TTC once more was confirmed.