Submitting the inventors request
The local inventor has contacted his/her national coordinator with a request. After approval, the coordinator forwards the request through the system, completing the request with relevant information on what is inquired (manufacturer, license partners, investments etc.)..
The request is now entered into the system where the central coordinator will evaluate the request and approve it. Once approved, the request becomes visible to all member state coordinators logged in to the TTC. The request in question will be visible both as a searchable topic and will also top the list of "active requests".
All coordinators connected to the TTC will see this information and have the opportunity to respond directly through the system. The result in this case will be a number of responses with various proposals on stakeholders. The local coordinator will be automatically informed for each response to the request. The coordinator selects and forwards the appropriate responses and then marks the request as closed for further respondants, remaining archived in the system for future reference and statistics.

Follow-up on request response
As soon the inventor, in agreement with the co-coordinator, has chosen the offer or offers he or her wants to pursue, the co-coordinator sends a second request to the TTC-center. The format for this second stage includes a more specific information on the inventors’ request and project, such as patent information. Before sending any additional information, the central coordinator first submits an NDA (None Disclosure Agreement) to the interested party. Once signed, the information from the inventor will be forwarded.

Connecting with the interested party
If and when the interested party responds that they wish to continue to a negotiation stage, the central coordinator exchanges contact information between the inventor and the interested party. The inventor is now free to take direct contact with the interested party and the case will now be closed

Legal support and negotiation assistance
Professional help, legal support or negotiation support will be offered by national or international consultants, registered and approved by the TTC center.

through the worldwide networks
of IFIA member states
The TTC office staff, Stockholm, Sweden:
Lennart Nilsson; Head of the office
Cenneth Lindkvist; Coordinator to IFIA ExCo
Thomas Björshammar; Head of business research
Ingrid Decoster; Swedish network coordinator
Michail Gougel; Office administrator/ Russian contact
Wilma Mori Aguilar; Latin American contact
Special Support: Anita Ekström, Legal counselor, Karin Nilsson Economy administrator
in financing, manufacturing or
business partnership
increased possibilities through
extended international coverage
legal IPR support and negotiation assistance


Address:   TTC, Enspannarvagen 1
                     SE-131 52, Nacka Strand, SWEDEN
Phone:      + 46 8 694 76 60


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