Summary of the TTC Functionality

The list below is primarily the proposed targeted functionality. The list needs to be both supplemented and made more comprehensive and detailed. The primary purpose of the list below is to serve as a basis for further discussions on system development.

  • Personal login for all the national co-coordinators.
  • Possibility for coordinators to add new requests in the system
  • Possibility for co-coordinators to respond to active requests.
  • Possibility to search for requests and co-coordinators.
  • Ability to list all active requests and sort them by country of origin or type of information requested.
  • Possibility for administrators to through the TTC add, delete and edit requests and coordinators.
  • Primary language: English. Support for multilingualism is not a problem.
  • Financing the continuous operation of the TTC will be financed through interchange fees.

For a request to be added into the system, the inventor is charged a suggested registering fee of $20. When the inventor receives a satisfactory reply to proceed on, the TTC coordinator will open communication channels to the responding party. For receiving the respondents contact details, the inventor is charged an additional $100. From this stage, the communication and possible negotiations is a matter for the inventor to carry out, visa the responding party.

through the worldwide networks
of IFIA member states
The TTC office staff, Stockholm, Sweden:
Lennart Nilsson; Head of the office
Cenneth Lindkvist; Coordinator to IFIA ExCo
Thomas Björshammar; Head of business research
Ingrid Decoster; Swedish network coordinator
Michail Gougel; Office administrator/ Russian contact
Wilma Mori Aguilar; Latin American contact
Special Support: Anita Ekström, Legal counselor, Karin Nilsson Economy administrator
in financing, manufacturing or
business partnership
increased possibilities through
extended international coverage
legal IPR support and negotiation assistance


Address:   TTC, Enspannarvagen 1
                     SE-131 52, Nacka Strand, SWEDEN
Phone:      + 46 8 694 76 60


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